Thursday, August 8, 2013

Screws fall out all the time. The world is an imperfect place.

^500000 Brownie points if you can guess what movie that's from 

OK, so are you ready for some random?
Too bad ;)

1. Yesterday, My grandma and I  went to Chick-fil-a which was Dwarf House location (we had no idea). Let's just say that it was an experience. Not only did they have waiters and hostess that seat you, but they had menus!! Menus that included hamburgers!! I just think that goes against everything chick-fil-a stands for. Haha

I've been kinda obsessed with The Breakfast Club recently. 
Like I've-watched-it-twice-in-the-past-24-hours obsessed. 
and now I really want this shirt.

3. Can I just say how annoying it is that people are already talking about fall? 
It's not 'pre' fall. Fall is NOT just around the corner. (OK, maybe it is, but just go with me for a sec)
 It's summer.Trust me, I love fall just as much as the next girl. It just so happens to be my favorite season, but IT'S AUGUST!!!!I can barely get over the fact that summer is on it's tail end, let alone knowing that Christmas is 5 months away. 
 Let's just take it one season at a time please.

 This. is. genius. 
I can't wait to do this. 
Watch out Addison.

5. I met the cutest little kid the other day. 
I was sitting on a park bench reading my book (how picturesque) and he walked up to me, wearing his bike helmet and spiderman shirt and said the following without taking a single breath:

"Hi I'm Aaiden. A-A-I-D-E-N. Daddy says I'm good at riding my bike my favorite color's blue and I was Spiderman for halloween I live in Florida in a small house but I have my own room with a Batman pillow I went to Disney World once for sissy's birthday she was Marida from Brave I was Spiderman Do you have training wheels? I ride my bike with training wheels because mommy says I'm not big enough yet. What's your name? Well, I gotta go, mommy loves me."

and then he walked away. 
and yes, I did write every word down so I wouldn't forget it. 

And that concludes this super random post.  
(My mommy loves me, too)


  1. how sweet!! And I want Fall too.... it's super hot in Texas still

  2. You are precious and I love you too!


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