Monday, August 19, 2013

Clothing Styles I Can't Pull Off

Otherwise known as "Busty/Short/Fat-Girl Problems"

Basically this list came about this weekend when I was shopping at LOFT during their 40% off sale. As I was trying on clothes and realized that there are certain styles of clothing that just don't look good on me. 

I'm short, curvy and big chested. It's quite the trifecta, right?

So, I thought I'd share today a few styles that I just can't pull off.

1. Ruffled Tops

I would describe my clothing style as eclectic feminine, so this one really kills me. There is nothing more feminine than ruffles! But for me, ruffled tops make my chest like 50X bigger....think Dolly Parton. Ok, Ok, not that big, but you get the idea. 

2. Drop Waist/Cinched Waist at the Hip

When tops or dresses have a cinched waist at the hip, I instantly look heavier. Something about where the waist is cut and (again) my bust that just looks awful on me! I think it's because there is no definition from my bust down so it gives the illusion of a bigger belly.... and who would want that?

3. Oversized Anything

This has been a really big trend, especially for fall. Oversized clothing or the 'California Bohemian' look is a trend that I'd love to wear, but I just can't. Being that I am petite, oversized clothes just swallow me. They, once again, make me look way shorter and fatter than I really am. 

4. Boyfriend Jeans
Again, oversized clothing doesn't work for me. (See #3) 
Didn't see that coming, did ya ;)
Jeans are no different. I love the idea of throwing on a pair of baggy boyfriend jeans and a baseball tee but it just doesn't work. 

5.  Capris or Ankle Pants
(and Tea-Length Dresses)

My height just doesn't work well with anything that cuts at my calves or below. 
They just end up looking like high-waters.

and I'm sure I can think of more, but I'll end with that. 
What are some clothing styles that just don't work for you?


  1. Ha! I am not really petite at five foot seven, but I can't wear pretty much any of that either (except the oversized sweaters, flattery be damned I love those so much!)One of the worst on me is the boat neck. I look like a linebacker, for serious!

    1. I'm so glad I'm not alone in this! Hehe!


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