Sunday, September 23, 2012

Hey, its me! Do you remember who I am?

Wow. That was a long break. I didn't intend on it being this long, but man, almost three months went by! I'm so sorry!

So much has happened since then. I went to my grandparents house on Lookout Mountain for the entire summer with my cousins, and had a blast. I really miss it. My brother got married! (!!!!) I started my sophomore year of college and even started a new job at my church's preschool!

I hope to post more frequently now that I am getting into the swing of things. I know I don't have many followers, but what would you guys like to read about? Do you like the what I wore wednesdays? or the Goodwill finds?? (I still love doing both ;) )

let me know....

Until then here are some pictures of my summer:

my new family

good friends :)

brother, BFF and cousins on Stone mountain

Finding nemo ;)

meeting nicholas sparks

my lovely Grandma and I

Siblings, yup I'm the middle child!

reunion with old friends 

yummy tex mex in the ft worth stockyards

fun on the Tennessee river!

more stone mountain :)

we met a cow 

shot my first gun: a AR14...and am never doing it again. It scared me so bad!

paddle boating on the mountain

we went to the bush beans museum!

family at the wedding

rangers game! so fun!

white water rafting... more fun!

meeting nicholas sparks (sorry these aren't in order!!!)

I caught a fish!

friday night drive in...Brave and the avengers

cousin love

and lastly, but really it was the first thing we did, meeting winter from dolphin tale!



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