Monday, August 4, 2014

Our {Day} Trip to Nashville, TN...On a Budget!

My grandparents live on top of Lookout Mountain on the GA side, about 45 mins away from Chattanooga and within 3 hours to lots of major cities. Since my brother and I had never been to Nashville, we decided to make the 2 hour drive and spend the day in Music City!

Believe it or not, we visited several free museums/events/tourist attractions and managed to see the city on a cheap budget. 
(Just gas, food and one museum fee of $6 each)

The first stop on our trip was to Lynchburg, TN to visit the Jack Daniel's distillery, which is only a short drive outside of Nashville.

It was completely free to visit, including an awesome detailed tour with a tour guide on how the whisky is made. 

The interesting thing about this distillery was that it is located in a completely dry county!

There was an option to pay $10 to do a whisky sampling, but we got there when they opened and they didn't start the sampling tour until later that afternoon. 

The thing I found intriguing is that every single bottle of  Jack Daniel's whisky is made at this location...even worldwide!

I highly recommend visiting if you're ever in the area. Even though no one in my family drank whisky, we all had fun and learned a lot!

While we were in Lynchburg, we visited their 'downtown' for lunch.

It's such a quaint little small town.

We ate lunch at a BBQ place. None of us really cared for the food, so I wouldn't recommend it.
Hey, Us Texans take our BBQ seriously. 

The next stop was in Nashville!
We first visited Centennial Park and toured the Parthenon.

What a gorgeous building with so much detailed architecture for the time period!

This was the only museum we paid to go see. It was the most reasonable at $6 a person and well worth it. Note: You can still visit the Parthenon for free, you just can't go inside.

Seeing the breath-taking statue of Athena, Goddess of Wisdom made paying the mere $6 worth it alone! 
{Any Percy Jackson fans recognize anything!?!?) 

The museum shares the stories depicted on the east and west arches of the Parthenon and also explained the reason why they built the only life-sized replica of the Greek Parthenon in Nashville! 

I found it very fascinating and I'm not really big on Greek mythology.

Then, we ventured into downtown Nashville after driving by Vanderbilt University. 

The downtown area was so alive with all the hustle and bustle and once again, the architecture was awesome! I loved seeing all the murals and record labels!

We didn't want to pay the $25 fee to actually visit the Music City Hall of Fame Museum, but the entire first floor was open to the public.

 There was actually a lot to see without paying. There were tons of showcases featuring country star's wardrobes.
 There was also an awesome shop inside the building called ''The Hatch' which is one of the oldest working letterpress in the country! I fell in love with everything in that shop. 

After we finished, we walked across the street to see the Music City Walk of Fame.

I was excited to see one of my favorite bands!
This was also completely free! I enjoyed it and the park was beautiful. Not to mention that now I have seen both the star walk in LA and Nashville! Pretty cool. 

We walked a couple blocks to go Honky Tonk Highway.
This was by far my highlight of our trip! The atmosphere was amazing...the people, the music, everything! We walked down the street to take in all the sights and sounds. I don't think we passed by a single restaurant or bar without live music playing! We ducked into one briefly to listen to a band play a few songs...I wish we could've stayed longer!

We visited the old site of the Grand Ol' Opry, but didn't actually go inside because we didn't want to pay to see a show. Still pretty cool that we got to see it, though!

We hopped back into the car and drove around the city for a bit. My mom and I fell in love with Printer's Alley . It was adorably cute!
It reminded me a bit of London!

We then set off back towards our neck of the woods and had a late dinner.
I'm so happy with everything we saw and how little we paid to do so.

Nashville is such a fun city and I can't wait to go back!

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