Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Dumpster Find of a Lifetime: The BEFORE

"Fine" I pouted, "I'll do it" I said begrudgingly to my mom. 
"But I'm not happy about it" I whispered as I walked out the door. 
She asked me to drive our bags of trash over to the dumpster, a necessary evil of living in an apartment.
It's a job that normally belongs to my brother, but since he was out, I was given the task. I hated it. It always smelled, it was really hot outside and I just plain didn't want to. But I did...

and boy am I glad. 

As I pulled into the dumpster area, I glanced up and saw angels descend from the heavens. I'm pretty sure trumpets were sounding and the clouds were parting too.

I glanced left and right, making sure no one was around and to be 100% sure of what was before my eyes. I ran up to her, and made sure again that no one was around that she belonged to. 

Then, I did what my mama raised me to do... I snatched her up and placed her in my hatchback. 
She was coming home with me. 

And I'm sure you can see why:
Ain't she a looker!?! 
Well, maybe not to you, but in my eyes, I saw potential. 

I couldn't wait to give her a makeover. I could envision what she looked like in her prime days, beautiful and majestic, but she was old now and in need of some help. Even though, I loved the finish of the wood and the color of the fabric, Sister needed some help.
 She was falling apart at the seems and it was our job to fix her. 
That's just what we did.

For the record,when I got home and showed my mom the chair she said:
"See, you need to take the trash out more often."

Nice try, Mom. Nice try. 

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