Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Project Goo: Part One

Ok, so as I was taking my shower today, I got a brilliant idea. I was sick of 50 million bottles in my shower that fall everywhere and to be honest, most of them I am just plain tired of staring at them all the time. So I came up with this challenge/project.

I am a self-professed Goo Hoarder. I literally save every single product that I tell myself I may need in the future. Who really needs 5 different bottles of lotion at one time? The answer to that is no one.

So over the next few weeks or so, I am going to make a point to use up all those silly products that I have in my shower, in my cabinets, etc.

And so I introduce you to PROJECT GOO! What a perfect way to hold myself accountable and to maybe inspire you as well.

Tomorrow I think I will write down all the different things I plan on including (I was going to do it now, but I just realized I have a whole other goo hiding spot. See, it's a problem.) So stay tuned!

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