Friday, July 18, 2014

Project Goo: Part 2, The Details

Ok, so I think the way I'm going to go about this is to divide this project into two halves: Makeup and  Skincare, Haircare, etc. Mostly because I don't think I will necessarily use all the makeup up (which is what I want to do with the others) because that would take way too long, but I do want to make a point to use them more. So the makeup section will be more of a 'use more' whereas the rest will be 'I want to use all this up and then throw it away for good'. Does that make sense?

So first up, here's the makeup I plan on including:
So the breakdown:
There's 14 makeup products total
2 lipsticks (both red which I never wear, so I will be rocking the red lip soon!)
2 loose eyeshadows (way messy so I never use, once again will be using soon!)
1 eye primer 
1 blush
1 bronzer
1 cream blush/highlight stick
1 face powder
1 face primer
3 eyeliners
1 eyeshadow palette (blue is typically not my jam)

Now for the Skincare/Haircare!
The breakdown:
16 products total

4 lotions
2 face washes (which suck by the way, but gosh darn it I'm using those stinkers up!)
1 body scrub
1 conditioner (which I've literally had for like 5 years, sad I know.)
1 body wash
1 eye makeup remover
1 spot treatment
1 lip treatment
1 body spray
1 hair oil
2 eye creams

So that's a total of 30 products that I plan on using up and getting rid of... Let Project Goo begin!

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