Monday, March 17, 2014

30 Day Photo Challenge, Week 3!

First off, Happy St Patty's day!
It's been a crazy week filled with tons of wonderful memories. If you didn't already know, I spent the past week up at my grandparents mountain retreat. My cousin's spring break just so happened to be the same as ours, so we all drove up for a week of fun! I think I will do a post tomorrow or sometime soon with all the adventures we went on.
 We just got back saturday, and tomorrow I leave to go visit my other side of the family. I am so excited because it's been so long since I've last seen them and I know we will have a blast together. Anyway, here are my pictures from this past week:

Day 11, Something Blue:
This one came out a little blurry because I was zoomed in so much, but my family decided to go bowling and this was our score board. Actually this was only the younger kids one, as we split up into two groups (one with bumpers, one without). It was funny because my papa shocked us all and whooped our butts at bowling! He was scary good and giving us all tips... this is coming from a man who hardly ever bowls! (Must be the engineer in him)

Day 12, Sunset:
I'm cheating on this one because this photo was actually taken back in July while I was in Florida. I'm dreaming of being back at this beach, though!

 Day 13, Yourself with thirteen 'things':
I guess I am also cheating on this one... because I am with people not things, but this one was too good not to share! This was our entire group up on the mountains with us. Here's who is in this picture: My brother Austin, SIL Holly, my cousins Tyler, Matthew, and Jake, myself, my mom, my cousin's friend Michael, My grandfather (papa), my other brother Addison, my aunt Teresa, my nana (grandmother) and family friend Ian way in the back. That makes 12, not including me.... so for the 13 things, I am including Sydney, my dog who so gracefully photobombed this picture! Look at the middle left :) There you have it...myself with 13 things people!

Day 14, Eyes:
 There's an unspoken rule in our family: Never be the last one awake in the mornings. We will make you look silly (these were dog toys) and take your picture. And we will post it all over Facebook. This time it was poor Ian who got it. This makes me laugh because his eyes are perfectly shut and his mouth is open, as if he's in a deep sleep completely unaware of what's going on around him.

Day 15, Silhouette:
I absolutely love this picture! I just think it's so neat. My Papa built a zipline on their property and every time we come out, we always have to ride it. This time it was dusk and this shot was taken of my Papa looking up at the deer stand/ top of the zipline as he was waiting for the next victim, I mean adventurer. 

Day 16, Long Exposure:
This was my failed attempt at long exposure. First, I had to google what that is and then it took about a billion shots just to barely get an acceptable one. Nevertheless, it's still a pretty picture, long exposure or not! This was Cherokee Falls at Cloudland Canyon State Park. It's about 280 steps down to reach it, but it's so worth it! It's absolutely breathtaking and I am lucky enough to get to visit all the time because my grandparents live so close to the park. 

Day 17, Technology:
(Excuse my terrible cell phone quality picture, it was last minute!)
I could give up my cell phone, my nook, my alarm clock and any other technology I have ( I really don't have that much seeing that I had to mention my alarm clock as a piece of technology). But I tell ya, I couldn't live without my laptop. I use it daily and for almost everything. I use it a lot for school (it was a grad present) but I also use it to blog (what I am doing in this picture, it's like a 'blog'-ception!), keep up with social media, watch TV (hulu mostly), listen to music and so much more! 

That's it for this week, check back next monday for Day 17-24!

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