Sunday, November 11, 2012


And...I'm back.
I know, I know, It's been way too long,
but I have an excuse.
I've moved in record time, 
and am staying at a friends before our apartment is ready.
The problem is their Wifi barely works (goes in and out).
but I am grateful for a warm bed.
and to be honest, I am enjoying the break form internet. 
But I have collected several Insta pics the last few weeks, 
So I am sharing today!

If you want, Follow me! I'm Achammer!

Seeing we dont have a kitchen currently means that I have exasperated all my fast food joints.
So, I have had to be creative. 
So, of course, I found lunch at my favorite place. ever. 
and it was delicious. 

This picture was for an essay I wrote about buying used clothes. I found these fantastic pair of loft skinnies for $5.99

This is what sunday night looks like in my household.
We all drive around on trash night, looking for any awesome finds.
I have scored many times!

Moving=yard sale.
yep, everything must go!

After an exhausting day running a yard sale, we refueled with one of the best restaurants ever. 
seriously, it is delicious. 

egg mcmuffin and waiting on my car to be fixed.
not a fun way to spend a morning.

I wish I could've been resting like she was so very comfortably.

YAY! I voted for the first time ever! 
I was so excited to be able to, and yet so incredibly humbled at this incredible blessing to be able to have a voice in my country. 

First red cup of the season.
Many more to come I'm sure.

Sorry if you find this offensive.
But it's true.
and It catches your attention.
which is even better.
Plus, the dog is adorable. 

and that's all!
More to come soon. We move in thursday, so hopefully I will be able to blog more then!

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